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Spell Bottles (Made to Order)

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Spell Bottles, or Witch Bottles, have history since at least the sixteenth century. Filled and sealed with items symbolizing the intent of the creator or recipient, these bottles are typically buried, carried, or displayed in the home.

Sealed inside each mini jar is a combination of herbs and salts and crystals, all hand selected by myself for their magickal properties. They are then sealed with color coordinating candle wax. All Wonderland Apothecary Spell Bottles are carefully crafted with the finest all organic herbs and the gifts of this Earth. This product has been created in a cleansed and charged space in my home. The bottles are lovingly infused with magickal intent, each spell bottle is hand blended into a preciously unique formula. Once completed, the spell bottle is then charged by Moonlight. They are handmade to order, so the wax drips will vary. Depending on what you need it for they can either be carried around, or placed in the home to surround the building with the jars energy.

Wonderland Apothecary does not guarantee the outcome of any spell bottle or ritual bath product. Our products are designed to only help you along your spiritual path and journey. Only you can shape, change and manifest your desires.

Made to order