Snow Queen Shower Steamers
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Snow Queen Shower Steamers

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Large Tablet Shape

Our shower steamers are made from all-natural ingredients and are scented with the essential oils of peppermint, & eucalyptus, as well as the powerful aromatherapy benefits of natural menthol. They melt and fizz in the warm water, filling your shower with clean, minty freshness. Shower steamers are best if used before other Shower Products. Average shelf life (potency) for Shower Steamers using pure essentials oils is about 4 weeks.  Please use accordingly or I have found a food vacuum sealer will extend life by a few weeks.
These strongly scented shower steamers are a perfect addition to your shower, with qualities and traits of a bath bomb. Simply place the shower steamer onto the floor of your shower, but not under the full force of the spray or it will melt too quickly. If it is too far away from the spray, it will melt too slowly and you may not get the full aroma. Once you find the perfect spot, the scent will rise with the steam, filling your shower. For best results, it is suggested that you sprinkle some water on the top and this will begin the process of dissolving.

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