Perfume Sprays vs. Perfume Oils

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At first glance, Perfume Sprays and Perfume Oils may seem like the same thing, but in all honesty, they are not! Have you ever smelled someone from across the room and were overwhelmed by their perfume or cologne? This is a common side effect from dousing themselves in an alcohol based perfume spray. 

Perfume oils are a much more intimate scent that is enjoyed by you and those that get closest to you. Perfume oils are more concentrated, last longer, and contain natural oils that actually benefit the skin instead of drying it out.  

It's hard to tell what chemicals a company puts into their perfume sprays and what effects that they are having on your body. Some of the commonly used mass produced perfume sprays contain chemicals linked to Cancer, Reproductive Harm and Increased Allergies. You can rest easy knowing that Perfume Oils contain natural extracts and skin safe carrier oils that are nourishing and safe for most skin types. 

When the skin is dry it does not retain smell easily, most perfume spray are gone after 1-3 hours. Skin nourished with perfume oil can easily hold scent for 6-15 hours!! Perfume oils warm up when placed on the skin and gradually increase the intensity over time for a pleasant, warm, and intimate experience. 

Why not make the switch to Perfume Oils instead of mass produced chemical laced Sprays? 

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